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Why housing inventory is so low right now

Given the current housing inventory crisis, it might surprise people to realize this: we built too many homes during the housing bubble years. Wait, what? But we have a housing shortage, right? Yes, but this is where my work is much different from other housing economists and why we need to think of...

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Now is basically the worst time ever to buy a house

Nearly three out of four survey respondents told Fannie Mae that it’s a bad time to buy a home It’s a depressing combination. A stunning rise in mortgage rates, historically low levels of inventory, and skyrocketing housing prices are fueling consumer pessimism. Fannie Mae‘s Home Purchase...

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Dallas Fed sees signs of a housing bubble

A housing bubble could be brewing, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, as home prices “are again becoming unhinged from fundamentals.” The housing market has been showing signs of exuberance for more than five straight quarters through the third quarter of 2021, the Dallas Fed found...

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